West Nile fever, 25 October: Four new cases in the EU and nine in neighbouring countries reported in the past weekArchived


Four new human cases of West Nile fever have been reported in the EU and nine in its neighbourhood over the past week.

In the EU, Greece has detected one new case from Pella, a prefecture with previous case reports, and Italy saw three new cases from provinces with previous case reports. Two of the cases in Italy were reported by the Veneto Region to the Ministry of Health, according to the Veneto Region Special Surveillance Program.

New West Nile fever cases have been found in other neighbouring countries: one in Russia, one in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and seven in Tunisia.

Every Friday, ECDC publishes West Nile fever maps on its website, based on cases reported up to Thursday of each week. The next update will be published on Monday, 5 November, instead of Friday, 3 November.

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