European Commission decision to add tick-borne encephalitis to the list of communicable diseases to be covered by epidemiological surveillanceArchived

ECDC comment

On 5 September 2012 the European Commission decision amending Decision 2000/96/EC as regards tick-borne encephalitis was published. As a result tick-borne encephalitis is added to the list of diseases to be covered by epidemiological surveillance within the Community.

Tick-borne encephalitis is a tick-borne disease of humans that can cause long-term neurological disabilities and up to 1.4 % fatal outcomes. The disease can be prevented by vaccination. Tick-borne encephalitis therefore fulfils the criteria set in Annex II to Decision 2000/96/EC.

ECDC comment, 13 September:

Adding TBE to the list of diseases under epidemiological surveillance within the Community and the adaption of a common case definition are important steps towards the harmonization of TBE surveillance in Europe. The EU wide collection of comparable data will enable to better identify key risk areas and follow trends. This is essential for the development of appropriate preventive measures such as vaccination for residents and travellers to areas at risk.