ECDC Summer School 2019

Training event
10 Jun 2019 - 14 Jun 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

The ECDC Summer School is organised yearly for experts within the ECDC networks with the aim to build EU/EEA Member States’ public health capacity in the area of communicable diseases. Every year meaningful topics are selected based on Member States’ identified needs. The Summer School provides an opportunity for networking and scientific exchange.

The 2019 edition of the ECDC Summer School is structured in 2 tracks. Both tracks aim to address methodological issues in public health in the area of communicable disease prevention and control and address specific target audiences.

Track 1: Training on the supervision and coordination of EPIET and EUPHEM fellows

Track 1 addresses professionals who will be facilitating the Introductory Course of the ECDC Fellowship Programme (EPIET and EUPHEM): Supervisors, co-supervisors and professionals that support fellows in specific projects. The aim of this track is to expand the skills needed to supervise and coordinate fellows, as well as to prepare for the delivery of the Introductory Course content for Cohort 2019.

During the Summer School, the activities will focus on participants becoming familiar with the content of the Introductory Course and developing the skills to facilitate case studies, using concepts of adult learning and sharing teaching experiences and facilitation methods with colleagues.

Track 2: Advocacy and qualitative methods to improve public health outcomes

This track addresses public health professionals in the area of communicable disease prevention and control who plan to transfer knowledge and skills in their setting, nationally or sub-nationally. The aim of this track is for participants to gain a better understanding of how to use advocacy and qualitative methods to improve public health outcomes, as well as share and exchange experiences while creating interdisciplinary collaborations within Member States.

The course content in track 2 is as follows:

  • Advocacy in public health (2-day workshop)
  • Qualitative methods in the area of communicable diseases (2-day workshop)
  • Scientific writing (1/2 day workshop)

In addition, for both tracks at the end of each day a scientific seminar takes place on topics of interest for all the different target audiences.

The ECDC Summer School is by invitation only. Participants are identified through the Coordinating Competent Bodies.

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Fellowship programme: EPIET/EUPHEM

The ECDC Fellowship Programme is a two-year competency based training with two paths: the field epidemiology path (EPIET) and the public health microbiology path (EUPHEM).