ECDC launches an updated set of training materials for continuous professional development


ECDC launched a set of updated training materials in various infectious disease areas, in order to support the organisation of training activities and the continuous professional development of public health professionals.

The aim is to promote lifelong learning, a core objective of ECDC’s Continuous professional development programme. The materials have undergone a thorough peer review process and were aligned to the ECDC Core competencies lists.

The updated training materials cover the following areas:

  1. Training Materials for a course on Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Prudent Antibiotics use Campaigns
  2. Training Materials for a course on Legionnaires' Disease (LD)
  3. Training Materials for a course on Control of Multi-Drug Resistant Micro-organisms in Health Care Settings
  4. Training Materials for a course on Point Prevalence Surveys (PPS)
  5. Training Materials for a train the trainers course on Epidemiological aspects of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPD)


Materials are available in the ECDC Virtual Academy (EVA), an online platform for training activities that supports capacity building in disease prevention and control. These ECDC training materials are open access and shared under a Creative Commons Licence, and can be used and adapted, provided that ECDC is acknowledged as the source.

Public health professionals working in communicable disease prevention and control and that are engaged in knowledge transfer activities can benefit from this set of training materials for implementing specific courses. The materials for each course include guidance for course managers and facilitators on target audience, structure, training objectives and related core competencies; as well as pre-course readings, presentations, hand-outs and post-course readings.