ECDC to implement key council recommendations on vaccination

News story

In a Council Recommendation adopted by EU health ministers today, ECDC has been called on to implement a number of key actions in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases.

In particular, ECDC is asked to establish a European Vaccination Information System (EVIS), which will strengthen cooperation across EU/EEA in terms of developing guidelines for a core vaccination schedule, share scientific evidence in support of National Immunisation Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs), and improve vaccination coverage monitoring systems. ECDC will also support the implementation of a European vaccination portal which will provide authoritative, scientific, evidence-based and transparent up to date information on immunisation. Furthermore, ECDC will be involved in developing information tools and guidance to support Member States in countering vaccine hesitancy.

ECDC Director Andrea Ammon said:

ECDC welcomes today’s decision by EU health ministers. The recommendations set out significant, achievable and needed actions for the European Commission, the Member States and the ECDC to jointly embark on. ECDC has been working on vaccination issues since the centre was established, and has already initiated work on a number of the recommendations. The public health benefits of vaccination are indisputable. ECDC is committed to achieving the objectives set in the recommendations, and will continue to support the Commission and EU Member States in fostering sustainable vaccination systems, increasing vaccination coverage and countering vaccine hesitancy.