Monkeypox multi-country outbreak

Situation update, 8 August 2022

Since the start of the monkeypox outbreak and as of 8 August 2022, 13 912 confirmed cases of monkeypox (MPX) have been reported from 29 EU/EEA countries: Spain (4 942), Germany (2 887), France (2 423), Netherlands (959), Portugal (710), Italy (545), Belgium (482), Austria (173), Denmark (123), Sweden (114), Ireland (97), Poland (76), Norway (65), Hungary (48), Greece (39), Slovenia (38), Luxembourg (34), Malta (30), Czechia (28), Romania (28), Finland (20), Croatia (12), Iceland (11), Estonia (9), Slovakia (8), Bulgaria (4), Latvia (3), Lithuania (3) and Cyprus (1).

Two deaths have been reported from Spain.

Since the start of the monkeypox outbreak and as of 8 August 2022, the following Western Balkan countries have reported confirmed cases of monkeypox: Serbia (23), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1) and Montenegro (1). In addition, five cases have been reported from Turkey.

Since the start of the outbreak, ECDC provides updates for EU/EEA countries, the Western Balkans and Turkey twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), with the number of MPX cases reported to The European Surveillance System (TESSy) or collected through ECDC’s epidemic intelligence from official public sources.

See maps and epidemic curves for the EU/EEA, the Western Balkans and Turkey

ECDC and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) provide weekly updates for the countries of the WHO European Region. Please refer to the Joint ECDC-WHO Regional Office for Europe Monkeypox Surveillance Bulletin.

For MPX cases worldwide, please refer to WHO’s surveillance report.

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