Bayerisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LGL)

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Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority
Veterinärstr. 2
DE-85764 Oberschleißheim

Contact person

Andreas Sing
Tel. + 49 9131 6808 5814
Fax. + 49 9131 6808 5365

Description of the institute

The German healthcare system is organised according to Germany’s federal structure with the main responsibility for health care and health related intervention measures resting at the level of the federal states. The Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL) is Bavaria’s central authority for health, food safety, veterinary medicine, occupational safety and product safety. The LGL conducts application-oriented research and provides expert advice and support for the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care. Both human and veterinary laboratories for virology, bacteriology and parasitology are on site at the LGL. The LGL hosts also the German National Reference Laboratories for Borrelia and Diphtheria.

The institute is located in Oberschleißheim which is a twenty minute ride by public transport away from Munich centre and Munich International Airport.

The EPIET fellow would work at the Department of Epidemiology, which is a young team currently comprising of seven epidemiologists and one mathematical modeller.

The tasks of the department are:

  • Surveillance
  • Communicable disease control
  • Outbreak investigations
  • Advice and support for local health authorities
  • Education, training and teaching for public health professionals and students of both universities in Munich  (LMU, Pettenkofer School of Public Health, TUM)
  • Policy and strategy advice for the Bavarian ministry of health
  • Risk management, including risk and crisis communication
  • Data Management
  • Vaccination strategies
  • 24h on-call duty for infectious disease emergencies


Training opportunities

Projects for the EPIET fellow:

Projects will cover the whole range of activities, which can be carried out in close collaboration with the onsite laboratories where necessary.

As Bavaria is a large state with over 13 million inhabitants and 76 local health authorities, the fellow will have plenty of opportunities for epidemiological studies (development and/or implementation), outbreak investigations, and the development and/or evaluation of surveillance systems.

The fellow will also have the option to do a week's internship with a local health office of choice to gain additional insights into the local health system.

As the Department of Epidemiology is in close contact to the human, veterinary and food safety laboratories on site, the fellow will be able to experience the daily routine of a range of diagnostic and reference laboratories.

The fellow will also be involved in training, teaching, health communication and media work.

As an EPIET fellow at the LGL you will also have the opportunity to enroll in the Master of Science in Applied Epidemiology which is run in collaboration with Charité University Medicine in Berlin.

The office facilities available for fellows include an own desk (usually in a shared room), all necessary computer and communication equipment, internet access and access to a well sorted library onsite including a large variety of electronic and printed media.

Training supervision

Project and day-by-day supervision will be provided by the department’s epidemiologists. Additionally a senior epidemiologist will support the fellow as a mentor during the whole EPIET-training period.

Language requirements

German (working knowledge) and English.

Training history

Number of EPIET and PAE fellows trained at institute: Seven (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2018)
Number of EPIET and PAE fellows currently under training: One (PAE Cohort 2020)

If you would like an insider’s view, please feel free to contact alumni and current fellows: