Recruitment status

The standard contract length of posts at ECDC is five years but ECDC also has some project posts that have a shorter contract length.

FGIVInformation Security OfficerDTSIn progress
FGIVProject ManagerDTSIn progress
FGIVSystem AdministratorDTSIn progress
FGIVScientific Officer Prevention and Behaviour ChangeDPRIn progress
AD5Expert BiostatisticsSMSIn progress
FGIVBusiness AnalystDTSIn progress
FGIVScientific Officer BioinformaticsPHFIn progress
FGIVSurveillance Process ManagerRMSIn progress
FGIVLegal OfficerRMSIn progress
AD8Head of Section Public Health TrainingPHFIn progress
FGIIOffice Assistant Mail ManagementRMSIn progress
FGIVGIS Data AnalystPHFIn progress
FGIVProject Scientific CoordinatorPHFIn progress
AD10Deputy Head of Unit Resource Management Services/ Head of Section Corporate ServicesRMSIn progress
FGIIIProcurement SpecialistRMSIn progress
AST/SC1Administrative Assistant Mail ManagementRMSIn progress
AD5Group Leader Missions and MeetingsRMSPosition filled
AD8Principal Expert Mathematical ModellingSMSPosition filled
AD5Expert Mathematical ModellingSMSPosition filled
AD5Solution ArchitectDPRPosition filled
FGIVScientific Officer Communicable Diseases Prevention and ControlDPRPosition filled
FGIIIHelpdesk Technician/System AdministratorDTSPosition filled
FGIVCommunication Officer/Web EditorDIRPosition filled
FGIIICommunication SpecialistDIRPosition filled
AD5Expert Public Health TrainingPHFPosition filled
AD8Principal Expert Microbiology PHFPosition filled
AD5Expert Data ManagementPHFPosition filled
AD8Data Protection OfficerRMSPosition filled
AD5Expert Epidemic IntelligencePHFPosition filled
FGIIIHuman Resources SpecialistRMSPosition filled
FGIVKnowledge Management OfficerSMSPosition filled
AD5Expert Communicable Diseases Prevention and ControlDPRPosition filled
AST4Executive AssistantDIRPosition filled


Reserve list extension from 31 December 2022 to 31 December 2023:

Temporary Agent   
Expert Infectious Diseases Epidemiology DPRTAAD 5
Policy Expert Communicable Diseases Prevention and ControlDPRTAAD 5
Principal Expert Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated InfectionsDPRTAAD 8
Principal Expert Microbial Safety of Substances of Human OriginDPRTAAD 8
Expert Antimicrobial ConsumptionDPRTAAD 5
Principle Expert Communicable Diseases Prevention and ControlDPRTAAD 8
Expert Communicable Diseases Prevention and ControlDPRTAAD 5
Principal Expert E-health and Digital Innovation for Public HealthDPRTAAD 8
Group Leader Public Health Information SystemsDPRTAAD 5
Programme Management OfficerPHFTAAST 4
Expert Emergency Preparedness and ResponsePHFTAAD 5
Learning Management System AdministratorPHFTAAST 4
Expert Public Health Training PHFTAAD 5
Principal Expert/ Group Leader Emergency Preparedness and ResponsePHFTAAD 8
Principle Expert Digital SurveillancePHFTAAD 8
Expert Epidemic IntelligencePHFTAAD 5
Corporate Services Programme Management OfficerRMSTAAST 4
Procurement OfficerPHFTAAST 4
Finance OfficerPHFTAAST 4
Head of Section Legal ServicesPHFTAAD 8
Learning and Development OfficerPHFTAAST 4
Data Protection OfficerPHFTAAD 8
Expert BiostatisticsSMSTAAD 5
Expert Mathematical ModellingPHFTAAD 5
Scientific Editor EurosurveillancePHFTAAST 4
Administrative AssistantVARTAAST/SC 1
Executive AssistantVARTAAST 4
Contract Agent   
Project Office Support OfficerDIRCAFG IV
Scientific Officer Behaviour ChangeDPRCAFG IV
Scientific Officer Communicable Disease Prevention and ControlDPRCAFG IV
Instructional DesignerPHFCAFG IV
Data Manager AnalystPHFCAFG IV
Scientific CoordinatorPHFCAFG IV
Scientific Officer Epidemic Intelligence and Threat AssessmentPHFCAFG IV
Data ScientistPHFCAFG IV
Procurement Grant Coordination and Evaluation OfficerRMSCAFG IV
Procurement SpecialistRMSCAFG III
Human Resources SpecialistRMSCAFG III
Financial AssistantRMSCAFG III
Information Management SpecialistSMSCAFG III
Knowledge Management OfficerSMSCAFG IV
Administrative and Project Support SpecialistVARCAFG III
Office AssistantVARCAFG III
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