ECDC expert visit to Romania to discuss aspects related to healthcare-associated infections

4 Jul 2016 - 7 Jul 2016

​A team of multidisciplinary experts, including ECDC staff and an expert from Norway, visited Romania between 4 and 7 July to discuss aspects related to the detection, surveillance, prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), together with staff at the Ministry of Health, the National Institute for Public Health and other Romanian stakeholders. This was an exploratory visit following a request for support made by the Romanian Minister of Health to tackle the challenges that the country was currently facing in this area.

During the visit, the team consulted the legislation and regulatory framework documentation on HAIs, visit hospitals in and around Bucharest, and perform semi-structured interviews and group discussions with key stakeholders.

At the end of the visit, the experts briefed the Minister of Health on their findings, proposed a set of actions to strengthen HAI prevention and control activities in the country, and outlined areas where further support from ECDC could be considered or where joint work could be established. 
The ECDC founding regulation (Article 9.2) provides that ECDC might be requested by the European Commission, the EU Member States, non-EU countries and international organisations to provide scientific advice or technical assistance in any field within its mission.
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