Childhood Tuberculosis Meeting 2011Archived

17 Mar 2011 - 18 Mar 2011
Piperska Muren Conference, Stockholm, Sweden
ECDC together with the childhood TB subgroup of the Stop TB Partnership

ECDC is hosting a meeting on childhood TB, in a joint effort to highlight the current situation and to move forward the agenda of childhood TB in the EU and worldwide.

The meeting intends to:

  1. Identify and highlight the gaps, challenges and needs in childhood TB control.
  2. Prepare the scientific rationale for the need of advocacy and to identify the key areas where more advocacy and targeted engagement with stakeholders is needed.
  3. Reach a consensus on how to advocate for childhood TB control in light of the MDG 4 for child survival and how to bring forward the voice of the children.

Place of event: Piperska Muren Conference, Scheelegatan 14, Stockholm, Sweden 

 List of participants Terms of reference 

Registration for attending the meeting is closed. Agenda:






Thursday - 17 March 2011 

Setting the scene of day one

08:55: Chair for day one: Robert Gie

09:00:Welcome – Johan Giesecke

09.05: Aims and objectives of the meeting – Davide Manissero/Malgorzata Grzemska

09:10:  Historical overview of the STBP childhood subgroup – Robert Gie

Epidemiologic situation of TB in children

09:25:  Global childhood TB situation with a focus on high-burden countries – Babis Sismanidis

09:35:  Childhood TB in low and medium-burden countries – Andreas Sandgren

Programmatic successes and failures in childhood TB control

09:50:  View of low-incidence high-resource countries – Ibrahim Abubakar

10.05:  View of technical assistance to high-burden countries – Steve Graham


Integration of childhood TB care in HIV, antenatal and community health programmes


11:00:  How is community-based MDR TB treatment provided in Lesotho – Hind Satti

11:20:  How could TB and HIV care for children and women be integrated – Lynne Mofenson

11:40:  How could local childhood health workers/ community be involved –Tahmeed Ahmed

12:00:  How could the private sector contribute in high-burden countries – Aamir Khan

12.15: Panel discussion lead by the discussant – Malgorzata Grzemska

12:45: LUNCH

Identify the needs in research and development for childhood TB

14:00  What is done to develop vaccines effective in children – Anthony Hawkridge 14:25  What is lacking in the development of new diagnostics – Luis Cuevas14.50  What is done to develop new drugs and involve children in clinical trials – Anneke Hesseling


16:00  How to ensure basic research and optimal use of new tools for TB control in children – Beate Kampmann

16:25  The place of childhood TB in the Global TB Research Roadmap – Christian Lienhardt

16.45 Panel discussion lead by the discussant – Soumya Swaminathan (Discussant to provide a 5 minutes ice breaker comment/view)

17:15  Conclusions of the first day - Robert Gie and Davide Manissero

18:00 DINNER

Friday - 18 March 2011
Setting the scene of day two

08:55: Chair for day two - Johan Giesecke

09:00  Keynote address – on behalf of the Executive Secretary of Stop TB Partnership, Lucica Ditiu (Sahu Suvanand)

09:05: Recorded Keynote address – the WHO Regional Director for Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab (Adobe Flash Player required)

09:10:  Personal reflection by ECDC director – Marc Sprenger 

09:25: Screening of Euronews documentary (Adobe Flash Player required)

Why we need advocacy for childhood TB   

09:40: Summary of day one – Malgorzata Grzemska

09:50:  Situation, gaps and challenges in advocacy for childhood TB – Claire Wingfield

10:05:  The role of advocacy in the fight against childhood TB – Davide Manissero

Screening of ECDC documentary on childhood TB (Adobe Flash Player required)

10:15:  Ethical considerations – Marc Guerrier


Which messages should we use to advocate for childhood TB

11:00:  What can we learn from health journalists committed to TB  – Bharathi Ghanashyam

11:30:  How could we build joined forces with MDG4 – Ben J Marais

Stating the case of funding for childhood TB, donors expectations

11:50:  Global Fund – Philippe Creach

12:00:  Donor experience and perspective - USAID, Clydette Powell

12:10:  A NIAID Perspective - DAIDS/NIAID/NIH, Betsy Smith

12:20: Panel discussion lead by the discussant – Steve Graham

12:45: LUNCH

Collecting the views from the floor

13:45: Civil society

13:50: NTP manager

13:55: Paediatrician

14:00: Pharmaceutical industry

14:05: Ethicist

14:10: Patient’s view

14:15: Discussion lead by the discussant – Aamir Khan


Outcome of the meeting

15:30:  Presenting the draft of the call for action paper – Robert Gie

16:00: Discussion & Conclusion