Scientific content

ECDC has an obligation to ensure that published work generated by the Centre is disseminated and is easily accessible to all EU citizens. All outputs with scientific content produced by, or on behalf of, the Centre are therefore published as open access.

ECDC Scientific outputs planned for 2022

As part of the on-going commitment to transparency towards its stakeholders with regards to reporting of ECDC’s activities and their results, ECDC is providing access to a list of scientific outputs planned for 2022. As of 8 February 2022 when the list was created, 145 scientific outputs were planned  to be produced by the Centre in 2022. Note that this list can be subject to changes throughout the year.

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Planned scientific outputs for 2022


The ECDC authorship policy provides guidance for authors of written work produced by, or on behalf of ECDC, including for publication in peer-reviewed journals. The policy sets out criteria to determine how the contribution of each author should be acknowledged, and outlines concomitant roles and responsibilities of authors in order to ensure that fair recognition is given for work done on behalf of the Centre by ECDC staff members or externals.

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