Weekly influenza surveillance overview January 28, 2011 - Week 3

Surveillance report

During week 03/2011, 27 countries reported medium influenza activity and widespread activity was reported by 15 countries. In addition, an increasing trend of consultations was reported by 18 countries but a decreasing trend was reported in Ireland and the UK. Levels were high but unchanging in some other countries that were affected early; these were mostly in Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain.However, the percentage of positive specimens from sentinel practices has decreased for the third consecutive week from 55% in week 52/2010 to 44% in week 03/2011. The proportions of circulating influenza viruses were 68% for influenza A and 32% for influenza B. In week 03/2011, 74 SARI cases from all causes were reported by three countries and 118 hospitalised influenza cases were reported by five countries. Reported hospitalisations and intensive care admissions to influenza in Denmark, France, The Netherlands, and the UK have all declined in week 03/2011. Reported hospitalisations and intensive care admissions with influenza have declined in week 3/2011 in Denmark, France, Ireland, Netherlands and the UK. Severe cases and deaths continue to be mostly in persons in the 15–64 year age group with underlying health conditions.