ECDC Annual Work Programme 2009

ECDC corporate
1 Dec 2008

As stated in Article 14-5(d) of ECDC’s Founding Regulation, [The Management Board shall:] “adopt, before 31 January each year, the Centre's programme of work for the coming year.” The Annual Work Programme 2009 is firmly based on ECDC’s Strategic Multi-annual Programme (SMP) 2007- 2013. The short (annual), medium (2-3 years) and long-term (until 2013) programmes are clearly presented and linked in order to form an integrated, cohesive whole.

Executive summary

In 2008, ECDC had its first external evaluation. The conclusions of the evaluation report and the Board’s comments have been positive on the work accomplished to date, seeing ECDC as an independent centre of scientific excellence that already made a significant contribution in the fight against communicable diseases in Europe. It also stated that ECDC should focus on the consolidation of its current tasks in the coming years and deepen its activities. In accordance with ECDC’s Founding Regulation, ECDC’s work shall be guided by an annual programme of work based on a revisable multi-annual programme. The present document presents ECDC’s work programme for 2009 that aims mainly to consolidate ECDC’s Public health functions and further develop the activities related to Disease specific programmes. This is fully in line with the ECDC Strategic Multi-annual Programme and the conclusions of the external evaluation.


ECDC Annual Work Programme 2009 - EN - [PDF-340.3 KB]

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