Annual report of the Director 2013

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Publication series: Annual Report of the Director

The Director’s Annual Report provides an overview of the Centre’s accomplishments for the previous year and a summary of the Centre’s financial and administrative operations.

Executive summary

​The Annual Report of the Director covering ECDC operations in 2013 is now available. The report highlights the key work carried out at the Centre and its major operational achievements.

As well as the full report, a short report focussing on the work of the Centre's Disease Programmes has also been published. In this, a number of each Programme's key outputs and achievements over 2013 have been highlighted, and some of the Centre's major infographics, which help to visualise the impact that certain diseases have on Europe, have also been reproduced.

Over the course of 2013, ECDC continued to develop its strength as a network organisation, working with partners from national institutes across Europe to ensure that any and all potential threats to health were properly monitored.
The emergence of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus and the human cases and deaths caused as a result of novel avian influenza A(H7N9) are two prime examples of ongoing threats that ECDC monitors. The re-emergence of poliovirus transmission in Israel in summer 2013 was one of numerous instances where the Centre worked closely with the European Commission, the World Health Organization and Member States to rapidly assess the risk to public health and provide options on how best to mitigate this risk.
Full details of ECDC's activities, results and finances, as well as its leadership and organisational structure, can be found in the report.