Whole Genome Sequencing of foodborne pathogens for public health protection

16 Jun 2014 - 17 Jun 2014

​International experts working in the area of surveillance of foodborne zoonoses discussed the use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) of foodborne pathogens in public health protection.

Discussions focused on:

  • WGS of foodborne pathogens in action 
  • Curation and analysis of WGS data: bioinformatics solutions 
  • WGS of foodborne pathogens: cross-sectorial coordination and international cooperation

Conceived to facilitate an exchange of expert opinions in a scientific debate, this Colloquium enabled participants to reach conclusions and make recommendations on the use of WGS for food safety. The outcome of the discussions were made available in an overall report.

ECDC was part of the organising committee. 

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EFSA Scientific Colloquium N°20: Whole Genome Sequencing of food-borne pathogens for public health protection