Fifth meeting on use of vaccines for prevention of influenza

Expert meeting
18 Feb 2016
ECDC, Stockholm, Sweden

​Experts from ECDC met representatives from influenza vaccine manufacturers to discuss prevention of influenza in Europe.

Invited representatives from influenza vaccine manufacturers met with staff from ECDC to discuss the use of vaccines in the prevention of influenza.

The objective of the meeting was to share the latest information on monitoring of influenza disease and any new developments related to the production of vaccines.

On ECDC’s part, presentations covered topics including the Burden of Disease project, monitoring and evaluation of the 2009 European Council recommendation on seasonal influence, and ECDC’s vision for monitoring and evaluation of vaccination programmes at the EU/EEA level.

Industry organisation Vaccines Europe also gave a presentation covering the challenges currently being faced by influenza vaccine manufacturers, as well as options for action to overcome these barriers.

Each manufacturer in attendance also presented their current seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines.