Systematic literature review of the evidence for effective national immunisation schedule promotional communications

Surveillance and monitoring

This literature review examines the published evidence on the effectiveness of European promotional communications for national immunisation schedule vaccinations. It aims to collate and map the types of promotional communication used, assess the quality of the evaluative research, and assess the applicability of this evidence to immunisation policy, strategy and practice priorities.

Executive summary

In response to the negative impact of ‘immunisation hesitancy,’ on population uptake of routine immunisation, a substantial body of evaluated communication activity promoting nationally indicated routine immunisation has been published.

This systematic literature review, conducted by the Institute of Social Marketing at the University of Stirling, examines the effectiveness of European promotional communications around national immunisation promotional activities, and policy and strategy recommendations that can be taken from them. These include:

  • more communications that support population-scale behaviour 
  • greater immunisation advocacy
  • information provision
  • further education and training.