Training tools and documents

ECDC provides tools for online training in disease prevention and control, such as the FEM wiki a set of core training materials and content for intervention epidemiologists, combined with the use of this platform as the virtual space for several communities of practice, where discussions happen and exchange of opinions and experience is promoted; ECDC Virtual Academy a learning management system to support on-line and blended learning activities. Please note that you need to register to be able to use the tools below.

1. EVA: ECDC training is accessible through the ECDC Virtual Academy as a regularly updated catalogue of training activities categorised in three areas:

  • Open: training activities open to any individual participant, mainly e-learning courses.
  • Restricted: training activities with a limited number of seats allocated following a selection procedure, run by ECDC in consultation with the National Focal Points for Training. These activities include short courses, summer school, seminars, simulation exercises, workshops and exchange of experts.
  • Fellowship: curricular modules for the participants of the Fellowship programme. Attendance is for the EPIET and EUPHEM fellows but the materials of the courses are available.

2. FEM Wiki: ECDC training materials in the field of epidemiological investigation are available on the FEM Wiki tool

3. Training Extranet: The access to the Training extranet is through nomination, by the National focal points for Training in the relevant country