Delivery of training

Short courses

Short courses are offered to specialists working in communicable disease prevention and control. These are intended as an opportunity for continuous professional development with the goal of promoting the use of common methods when dealing with cross-border health threats. The objective is to strengthen technical, teaching and mentoring skills and support career development through lifelong learning for European public health experts.

These courses and existing training materials are under continuous evaluation and are updated to offer high quality blended learning and other formats, in addition to face-to-face activities. They form part of a training programme for continuous professional development in communicable disease prevention and control targeting professionals who deal with serious cross-border threats to health.

Short courses delivered in the past include:

  • Management And logistics of outbreak Investigation;
  • Principles and computer tools for outbreak investigation;
  • Principles of public health surveillance and time series analysis;
  • Rapid assessment in complex public health emergencies;
  • Introduction to Intervention epidemiology
  • Microbiological and epidemiological aspects of public health surveillance and outbreak investigation.

Summer school

In order to strengthen the mentoring and technical skills of EPIET and EUPHEM supervisors at training sites, ECDC runs a Summer School. This environment provides an opportunity for networking and scientific exchange of methods for prevention and control of communicable diseases, between supervisors and ECDC experts.

Catalogue of training courses

More information about the delivery of training is available in the Catalogue of courses. An exchange programme for senior professionals is also offered, and is available through the Continuous professional development programme (CPDP).