ECDC Summer school

The Summer School is built from the experience of the ECDC train-the-trainers’ induction workshop for new EPIET and EUPHEM supervisors in July 2011, and is organised on an annual basis. Since 2012, the Summer School has aimed to strengthen the technical and mentoring skills of both ECDC experts and experts within ECDC networks (including EPIET/EUPHEM supervisors). It is an opportunity for sharing good practices via networking and scientific exchange. The summer school will prioritise participants registered in the CPDP. This activity costs approximately 90,000 Euros per year and there are 30 seats available for external participants.


While skills, practice and exchange of experiences are usually conducted face-to-face, e-learning formats can contribute to reducing time in the classroom and providing some of the more theoretical training, and preparatory work in advance

ECDC Virtual Academy (EVA) platform will host courses, which are broadly available and not restricted to CPDP participants. An average of two new e-learning courses per year are planned. Initial courses include topics such as abstract writing, outbreak investigations and influenza. Most e-learning courses are designed as stand alone courses.

Webinars are also offered because of their ability to be organised in a timely manner on emerging issues of high interest. They are also an effective tool for disseminating ECDC knowledge and output.