Short courses

In 2017 ECDC is offering one CPDP workshop for 30 participants that will cover topics of interest for participants to keep abreast of developments in the field of communicable diseases, and provide tools for communication of public health evidence to decision makers. It is intended as an opportunity for networking and exchange of experience in the framework of risk analysis. The main content is selected from cross-cutting and technical competencies of Member States. Seats are allocated depending on country needs, and in consultation with NFPTs. 

This core part of the CPDP is organised by the Public Health Training Section (PHT) at ECDC and the NFPs for Training (NFPTs) provide advice on the content. This is complemented by domain-specific training activities organised by the ECDC disease programmes  and public health function sections , as advised by the disease programme and public health function NFPs.

External courses 

ECDC and the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) is setting up a network of schools of public health to work on competencies and co-develop curricula and training materials. Courses provided by partner schools of public health based on ECDC/ASPHER-agreed competencies and curricula will count as a CPDP course. Topics to be covered by external courses could include public health informatics, public health law, public health policy and leadership, among others.