About the Continuous professional development programme (CPDP)

The ECDC Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPDP) is an overall umbrella for all ECDC training activities, and targets professionals working in the ECDC national competent bodies and actively participating in the ECDC disease programme and public health function networks; National Coordinators (NCs), National Focal Points (NFPs) and Operational Contact Points (OCPs). In general, the target audience is professionals in the EU/EEA Member States who can benefit from acquiring skills and competencies for addressing serious cross-borders threats to health.

The CPDP aims to meet the institutional needs of countries in order to have a competent workforce, effectively working and interacting with experts at ECDC, other countries and other international organisations at the EU-level.

With a spirit of lifelong learning, ECDC offers an annual Summer School for supervisors and other trainers with updates on communicable disease prevention and control. The training programme is complemented with short courses in blended format and exchange visits.

Stand-alone online courses, webinars and communities of practice allow a broader audience to be reached thanks to the use of new information technologies.

Formats like regional workshops for exchange of experience among countries with similar challenges or interests; and participation in simulation exercises are also a key part of the CPDP.

Access to training materials and announcements of existing training initiatives by other institutions based on mapping exercises and partnerships (e.g. Schools of Public Health) facilitate the expansion of the ECDC training offer, and opens possibilities for networking and exchange of experience with other training providers and key stakeholders.