Publications and data


ECDC publishes outputs relevant to preparedness, prevention and control of communicable diseases.

The centre provides regular analysis of infectious disease data and trends, assessment of threats and outbreaks, and scientific advice for public health practice and policies.

The published work of the Centre is informed by our guiding principles – relevance, accessibility, independence, quality, and transparency. For the latter principle, ECDC also provides a list of planned outputs for the upcoming year.

ECDC’s outputs are classified in the following three categories:

Surveillance and monitoring

Results of surveillance and monitoring activities as well as descriptive analysis of data and information relevant to public health. The main objective is to inform and raise awareness.


In-depth expert analysis and assessment of a topic, an issue or event with potential public health impact, as well as comprehensive assessment of public health systems and capacities. The main objective is to alert and to guide actions.

Public health guidance

ECDC evidence-based guidelines and recommendations on prevention and control of infectious diseases and achieving better health outcomes in the EU, as well as agreed standards to support mandated activities such as surveillance. The main objective is to inform and guide EU public health policies and practices.

Featured outputs

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Scientific journal articles

In addition to its reports, ECDC also publishes articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Links to the articles are added to the ECDC portal every six months.