Epidemiological update: First Ebola case diagnosed in the EU

Epidemiological update

​On 6 October, Spanish authorities reported a confirmed case of Ebola virus disease (EVD) of a healthcare worker who participated in the treatment of the second Spanish patient with Ebola infection repatriated to Spain. The patient arrived in Spain on 22 September and died on 25 September. The infected healthcare worker represents the first transmission of Ebola infection in the European Union.

The healthcare worker is a woman working in La Paz-Carlos III hospital in Madrid. She reportedly developed fever on 30 September. According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, she participated in the medical care of the repatriated patient and was wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment. She was admitted to La Paz-Carlos III Hospital (Madrid) on 6 October and is under strict isolation.
The Spanish authorities have initiated contact tracing and 22 contacts, mostly medical staff but also family members, are being monitored. The husband of the healthcare worker has been placed in quarantine as a precautionary measure.
The route of transmission of infection is being investigated. Two ECDC experts are being deployed in Spain to assist in the investigation.
Update of the epidemiological situation in West Africa
According to WHO figures, as of 1 October, the distribution of the EVD cases is as follows:

  • Guinea: 1 199 cases and 739 deaths;
  • Liberia: 3 834 cases and 2 069 deaths;
  • Sierra Leone: 2 437 cases and 623 deaths;
  • Nigeria: 20 cases and 8 deaths, with last confirmed case in Lagos on 5 September 2014 (33 days ago) and in Rivers State on first September 2014 (37 days ago);
  • Senegal: 1 case, no deaths, confirmed on 28 August 2014 (41 days). All contacts have completed 21 days of follow-up

As of 7 October, according to national authorities:

  • United States: 1 case, no deaths, isolated on 28 September 2014;
  • Spain: 1 case, no deaths, isolated on 6 October 2014.

Throughout the course of the epidemic, 382 cases including 216 deaths have been recorded among healthcare workers.