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Information System for Influenza Patient Care and Prescription

Since March 2006, the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health (DGS) has been improving the National Influenza Preparedness Plan for the health sector with several operational initiatives being implemented.

In this Plan, a new system, the Information System for Influenza Patient Care and Prescription (SIAPC-G), is being developed and tested to integrate the SIIG (Influenza Integrated Information System) in order to be operational during the pandemic. The SIAPC-G was developed with the objective to establish direct and immediate  informatics communication between health care services assisting and treating patients. The goal is to improve management of the health services, mainly regarding clinical assistance and antiviral treatment during the pandemic, avoiding the duplication of the antiviral prescriptions (it only permits one prescription per each flu episode). The system was conceptualised in order to facilitate the estimates of incidence, identify possible geographical clusters, give equal access to the health services and treatment to all population and to control the management of the national stockpile of antivirals.

The SIIG (a specific Influenza Integrated Information System) is being developed as an informatic platform to integrate, analyse, store data and information from different sources and electronically communicate organized and coherent information on influenza, on all the different pandemic phases. It will integrate existing information from other systems such as the SIAPC-G, National Influenza Surveillance System, Early Warning and Response System (SARA), Health Centres and Hospitals Emergencies Information System, Hospital releases database, Daily Mortality Monitoring System (Ministry of Justice), National Pharmacovigilance System, Medicines Observatory, Conferring Medicines Invoice  System, Vaccination Registries Informatic System (SINUS) and other information from informal sources (collected by the Public Health Emergency Unit).

ECDC Comment (30 April 2007):

The management of resources, antiviral stockpile and eventually vaccines will be of major relevance during the pandemic. Portugal is a country with 10 million inhabitants and with a centralized health system which gives the advantage of being able to settle such integrated systems in an early stage of preparedness. The innovation of the SIAPC-G system seems to be its contribution for specific and timely information for the management of heath services and for the control of the national stockpiles (avoiding possible duplication of antiviral prescription). It is a good example of operational developments regarding preparedness strategies on information systems, which will play an important role in the country during the pandsemic.

Find further information on the SIAPC-G contact Joana Chedas at jchedas@dgsaude.min-saude.pt;

on the SIIG please contact Maria da Graça Freitas at gracafreitas@dgsaude.min-saude.pt and see link to the Portuguese Influenza Preparedness Plan (in Portuguese) at  http://www.dgs.pt/upload/membro.id/ficheiros/i008696.pdf

Central region Central region of Portugal: pandemic influenza preparedness activities 2005-2007 - Portugal

A poster presented by Portugal at the IV Joint EC /ECDC /WHO Workshop on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Luxembourg in September 2007 describes actions taken at regional level authorities in the central region of Portugal to prepare for a pandemic, including development of dedicated websites, training events, and hospital planning activities, and interoperability with other regional authorities.