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Package of Clinical Guidance for the Pandemic (June 2009)

ECDC neither produces clinical guidance nor endorses specific national guidance. However it does draw to the attention of Member States evidence-based guidance produced by national and international authorities. The United Kingdom has recently produced a package of guidance which it refers to as the Swine Flu Clinical Package  The swine flu clinical package is a set of tools for use in a pandemic situation by frontline healthcare professionals designed to be used during the phase of a pandemic when there is increased demand for clinical care. I.e they are not intended to be sued immediately. They are also tailored to the way the health services are structured in the UK and so they will not necessarily suit other European Countries.  The tools are designed to support and empower those in primary care, emergency health services and hospitals and are designed to assist these health care professionals to assess patients, authorise treatment, refer those with severe illness or complications, and guide treatment of patients in hospital. There is a companion document about managing surges of patients.

German campaign “clean hands” - Germany (August 2008)

The German campaign “clean hands” has been presented in EpiBull 34/2008. In addition articles as well as radio and TV spots have been developed and are available online. See the articles and spots.

Development of a nation-wide influenza guidance “intranet”for health authorities - Spain (September 2007)

A poster presented by Spain at the IV Joint EC /ECDC /WHO Workshop on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness in Luxembourg in September 2007 describes a specific intranet site that has been specifically created to share updated information and plans on pandemic influenza within different actors involved in pandemic influenza preparedness and response both at national and regional levels.