Resource management and coordination unit

Corporate information

The Resource Management and Coordination Unit aims at top quality management of ECDC's human and financial resources. In its coordinating function it develops the implementation of quality management and a transparent internal communication. The Eurosurveillance Editorial Office is responsible for the independent scientific journal Eurosurveillance.

The Unit’s work is carried out by five sections in the area of Resource Management, two sections in the overall coordination function, the Eurosurveillance Editorial Office and the Internal Control Coordinator.

Resource Management

  • Human Resources: Promoting a supportive work environment that attracts, develops and motivates a multicultural and highly professional work force by providing high quality services based on competent advice and communication with the ECDC’s staff and management.
  • Finance and Accounting: Ensuring that the financial resources of the Centre are managed efficiently and reported in a clear and comprehensive manner. Provide financial initiation and verification of commitments and payments. Execute all payments of the Centre. Provide the annual accounts of the Centre which present a true and fair view of the financial position of the Centre. Ensure the preparation of draft and amending budgets and its publications. Provide budgetary reporting on the general implementation of the budget and its transfers. Finance provides financial advice and support to all Units in the Centre regarding budgetary commitments and budget monitoring.
  • Legal Services: Providing legal advice to the Centre and all Units in legal matters related to the operational as well as administrative field of the Centre’s activities.
  • Procurement: Being the central reference entity for procurement and grant activities, the section is providing clear operational support to all units and assisting all internal customers in accomplishing their operational goals in a timely manner. The section helps maintaining compliance with the procedures and monitors the Centre’s contracting for goods and services.
  • Corporate Services: Developing and maintaining the premises of the Centre to meet the requirements of the organisation, providing logistics services for the operational activities and to staff, maintaining the physical inventory and ensuring security. Organising travel and hotel arrangements and providing budget verification, monitoring and processing of reimbursement claims for staff, interviewees and experts invited to ECDC with a high level of service attitude and ensuring an economically prudent use of ECDC’s travel budget.


  • Quality Management: Implementing a quality management system encompassing all areas of work in the Centre, and ensuring coordination of the Work Programme by providing the technical tools to all Units to plan and monitor the implementation of their activities more efficiently.
  • Internal Communication and Knowledge Services: Aiming at a coherent and transparent stream of information and quick access to relevant information for all staff. Facilitating the free flow of knowledge and information across the Centre to enable ECDC to act as one team and supporting through networking a broad sharing of knowledge services.
  • Internal Control Coordinator: Providing advice, coordination and expertise in Internal Control activities, including risk management, the Internal Control Standards, the Internal Procedures and the Director’s Declaration of Assurance. Coordinating relations with the Audit Committee and the Internal Audit Service, including coordination of the follow-up on all audit recommendations.
  • Eurosurveillance Editorial Office: Responsible for the independent scientific journal on surveillance, prevention and control of infectious diseases published by ECDC. Providing a platform for exchange of scientific disease information among experts in Europe and worldwide, free of charge for readers and authors.