Surveillance and Response Support

Corporate information

With broad technical expertise in surveillance and response, the Surveillance and Response Support Unit aims at ensuring timely detection of communicable disease threats, their assessment and providing support for enabling Member States to mitigate them.

The Unit works in four sections:

Surveillance: Contributing to reducing the incidence and prevalence of communicable disease in Europe by analysing relevant public health data, and following valid data interpretation, make this information available to decision makers and health professionals in Member States, other public health agencies and key stakeholders, to ensure informed decision making for actions targeted at the timely prevention and control of communicable diseases in Europe.

Epidemic Intelligence and Response: Supporting health preparedness at EU level, in front of major risks in the area of infectious diseases and according the principles stated on the Decision of the European Parliament and of the European council on serious cross-border threats to health.

Coordinating the response support functions in ECDC in order to provide timely support to Member States and the European Commission regarding requests for risk assessments, threat investigations, and provision of experts in the field when requested.

Ensuring early detection of emerging threats to the EU, their analysis, and the feedback to Member States and stakeholders through daily, weekly and annual threat reports. Maintaining the Emergency Operation Centre (including ICT and communication capacity), plans (Public Health Event plan) and procedures (24/7 duties…) to ensure optimal support to management of public health emergencies.

Scientific Assessment: Delivering high quality scientific outputs and keeping high the ECDC presence in the European scientific community, with a particular focus on evidence-based prevention. Strategies, methodologies and priority areas will be defined according to the ECDC strategy for scientific advice production.

Epidemiological Methods: Ensuring efficient and harmonised use of the epidemiological and microbiological data collected by ECDC in order for health professionals at EU, national and local level to draw reliable and valid conclusions for guiding appropriate infectious disease prevention and control interventions.

All activities are carried out in close cooperation with other units of ECDC as well as with external partners across Europe and globally.