Public Health Functions

This Unit is responsible for the delivery of ECDC’s statutory public health functions. The Unit works closely with the disease programmes as it provides the data for the respective disease-specific outputs and needs the input from the DPs for the respective specific emergency preparedness and training needs. 

The work to achieve these aims is carried out in three sections:

  • Public Health Training: This Section aims at strengthening public health capacities in Europe through the coordination of the EPIET and EUPHEM programmes, providing short courses and programmes for training the trainers and continuing education of experts. It also aims at strengthening training networks and progressively implementing innovative methods and tools for teaching.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Support: This Section coordinates ECDC activities related to efficient planning and evaluation of emergency preparedness and response support. It also coordinates Public Health Events and deployments either with DG ECHO or with GOARN, and operates ECDC’s Emergency Operation Centre.
  • Surveillance: With broad technical expertise in surveillance, this Section ensures timely detection of communicable disease threats, their assessment and provides support for enabling Member States to mitigate them.