Public Health Capacity and Communication

With broad public health and communication expertise, the work of the Public Health Capacity and Communication Unit aims at strengthening European capacities, knowledge and cooperation in communicable diseases prevention and control, in a way that is complementary to the other activities of the Centre.

The work to achieve these aims is carried out in three sections:

  • Public Health Training: Strengthening public health capacities in Europe through coordinating the EPIET and EUPHEM programmes, providing short courses and programmes for training the trainers and continuing education of experts. Strengthening training networks and progressively implementing innovative methods and tools for teaching.
  • Country Preparedness Support: Coordinating ECDC activities related to efficient planning and evaluation of emergency preparedness and other systems for communicable disease control in and between Member States, mainly by offering assessment methodologies and tools, developing scientific guidance and facilitating the exchange of experiences and best practices.
  • Communication Support: Efficiently communicating ECDC scientific and technical knowledge to promote public health. Raising awareness of the impact of communicable diseases and the importance of their prevention and control.