Digital Transformation Services Unit (DTS)

The Unit delivers digital solutions, maintains IT products and provides IT services, which are instrumental to the operation and administration of the Centre. It also provides a digital workplace addressing the needs for mobility, communication and collaboration of staff. The Unit networks with other EU bodies and partners across Europe for topics relevant to digital transformation.

The Unit's work is carried out in three sections:

Digital Governance: The Section is responsible for the Unit's strategic and financial planning in line with and derived from the ECDC strategy and planning, enterprise architecture, digital innovations, quality and continual service improvement. It also manages the information security management system.

Digital Solutions: This Section is responsible for delivering digital solutions based on business requirements, managing business requirements, defining solution architecture, conducting studies, projects and maintaining IT products for all Units.

IT Operations: This Section provides end user services, application hosting and enterprise infrastructure services, it aims to build maintainable, compatible and sustainable services, which are scalable according to operational need.

Page last updated 21 Oct 2020