Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses Programme

Networks and partnerships

The programme covers the three groups of influenza affecting humans:

  • Seasonal influenza;
  • Pandemic viruses;
  • Zoonotic influenzas.

Other respiratory viruses, such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus, are also covered, as are related areas such as surveillance, pandemic preparedness & response, prevention, virology and laboratory issues, influenza vaccination and use of antivirals for public health purposes.


The Programme aims to support European bodies and Member States in the enactment of European Council Recommendations and Communications on seasonal influenza immunisation and pandemic preparedness so that Europe achieves:

  • a decrease in morbidity and mortality due to seasonal influenza, especially through increased national and individual use of immunisation and better use of personal health measures;
  • improved preparedness for a pandemic at regional (European), Member State and local level, drawing on guidance from WHO and lessons learnt from the 2009 pandemic; 
  • a robust scientific base for the mitigation of influenza in Europe, including a balanced and relevant research programme.


Head of Programme: Pasi Penttinen
Programme Manager: Brenna Deckert

To contact the programme and subscribe to ECDC updates on influenza and other respiratory viruses, please write to: