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List of scientific peer-reviewed publications produced by ECDC staff on behalf of the Centre for the period of January 2005 - December 2013.

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J. Schijven, M. Bouwknegt, A. M. de Roda Husman, S. Rutjes, B. Sudre, J. E. Suk and J. C. Semenza
2013A Decision support tool to compare waterborne and foodborne infection and/or illness risks associated with climate changeRisk Analysis33(12)Climate change;#77
G. Scavia, G. Ciaravino, I. Luzzi, A. Lenglet, A. Ricci, L. Barco, A. Pavan, F. Zaffanella and A. M. Dionisi
2013A multistate epidemic outbreak of Salmonella Goldcoast infection in humans, June 2009 to March 2010: The investigation in ItalyEuro Surveill.18(11)Salmonellosis (non-typhi, non-paratyphi);#50
A. Nicoll and N. Danielsson
2013A novel reassortant avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in China - what are the implications for EuropeEuro Surveill.18(15)Avian Influenza;#5
P. L. Lopalco and P. Carrillo Santisteve
2013Actual immunisation coverage throughout Europe: are existing data sufficient?Clin. Microbiol. Infect.
K. L. Ebi, E. Lindgren, J. E. Suk and J. C. Semenza
2013Adaptation to the infectious disease impacts of climate changeClim Change118(2)Climate change;#77
M. W. Langendam, E. W. Tiemersma, M. J. van der Werf and A. Sandgren
2013Adverse Events in Healthy Individuals and MDR-TB Contacts Treated with Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs Potentially Effective for Preventing Development of MDR-TB: A Systematic ReviewPLoS ONE8(1)Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR TB);#35
D. M. Hartley, N. P. Nelson, R. R. Arthur, P. Barboza, N. Collier, N. Lightfoot, J. P. Linge, E. van der Goot, A. Mawudeku, L. C. Madoff, L. Vaillant, R. Walters, R. Yangarber, J. Mantero, C. D. Corley and J. S. Brownstein
2013An overview of Internet biosurveillanceClin. Microbiol. Infect.19(11)Surveillance;#190
V. Cambiano, J. O'Connor, A. N. Phillips, A. Rodger, R. Lodwick, A. Pharris, F. Lampe, F. Nakagawa, C. Smith and M. J. van de Laar
2013Antiretroviral therapy for prevention of HIV transmission: Implications for EuropeEuro Surveill.18(48)
J. C. Semenza and D. Domanović
2013Blood supply under threatNat Clim Chang3(5)Climate change;#77
Latham J, Murajda L, Forland F, Jansen A.
2013Capacities, practices and perceptions of evidence-based public health in Europe.Euro Surveill.18(10)evidence-based public health;#239
C. Glasner, B. Albiger, G. Buist, A. Tambic Andrasevic, R. Canton, Y. Carmeli, A. W. Friedrich, C. G. Giske, Y. Glupczynski, M. Gniadkowski, D. M. Livermore, P. Nordmann, L. Poirel, G. M. Rossolini, H. Seifert, A. Vatopoulos, T. Walsh, N. Woodford, T. Donker, D. L. Monnet and H. Grundmann
2013Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Europe: A survey among national experts from 39 countries, February 2013Euro Surveill.18(28)Antibiotic/Antimicrobial resistance (AMR);#3; Carbapenem resistance
S. Orrskog, E. Medin, S. Tsolova and J. C. Semenza
2013Causal Inference Regarding Infectious Aetiology of Chronic Conditions: A Systematic ReviewPLoS ONE8(7)
I. Solovic, J. Jonsson, M. Korzeniewska-Kosela, D. I. Chiotan, A. Pace-Asciak, E. Slump, R. Rumetshofer, I. Abubakar, S. Kos, P. Svetina-Sorli, W. Haas, T. Bauer, A. Sandgren and M. J. van der Werf
2013Challenges in diagnosing extrapulmonary tuberculosis in the European Union, 2011Euro Surveill.18(12)Tuberculosis (TB);#60
S. Rebaudet, B. Sudre, B. Faucher and R. Piarroux
2013Cholera in Coastal Africa: A systematic review of its heterogeneous environmental determinantsJ. Infect. Dis.208(SUPPL. 1)
D. Fischer, S. M. Thomas, J. E. Suk, B. Sudre, A. Hess, N. B. Tjaden, C. Beierkuhnlein and J. C. Semenza
2013Climate change effects on chikungunya transmission in europe: Geospatial analysis of vector's climatic suitability and virus' temperature requirementsInt J Health Geogr12
M. J. Alves, P. L. Fernandes, F. Amaro, H. Osorio, T. Luz, P. Parreira, G. Andrade, L. Ze-Ze and H. Zeller
2013Clinical presentation and laboratory findings for the first autochthonous cases of dengue fever in Madeira Island, Portugal, October 2012Euro Surveill.18(6)Dengue fever;#15
H. Kelly and I. Steffens
2013Complexities in assessing the effectiveness of inactivated influenza vaccinesEuro Surveill.18(7)Vaccines and Immunisation;#63
B. Cookson, D. MacKenzie, G. Kafatos, B. Jans, K. Latour, M. L. Moro, E. Ricchizzi, M. Van de Mortel, C. Suetens and J. Fabry
2013Development and assessment of national performance indicators for infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship in European long-term care facilitiesJ. Hosp. Infect.85(1)
F. M. Buyle, S. Metz-Gercek, R. Mechtler, W. V. Kern, H. Robays, D. Vogelaers and M. J. Struelens
2013Development and validation of potential structure indicators for evaluating antimicrobial stewardship programmes in European hospitalsEur. J. Clin. Microbiol. Infect. Dis.32(9)Antibiotic/Antimicrobial resistance (AMR);#3
F. Schaffner, R. Bellini, D. Petric, E. J. Scholte, H. Zeller and L. Marrama Rakotoarivony
2013Development of guidelines for the surveillance of invasive mosquitoes in EuropeParasit Vectors6(1)
V. Sambri, M. R. Capobianchi, F. Cavrini, R. Charrel, O. Donoso-Mantke, C. Escadafal, L. Franco, P. Gaibani, E. A. Gould, M. Niedrig, A. Papa, A. Pierro, G. Rossini, A. Sanchini, A. Tenorio, S. Varani, A. Vazquez, C. Vocale and H. Zeller
2013Diagnosis of west nile virus human infections: Overview and proposal of diagnostic protocols considering the results of external quality assessment studiesViruses5(10)
J. M. Medlock, K. M. Hansford, A. Bormane, M. Derdakova, A. Estrada-Pena, J. C. George, I. Golovljova, T. G. T. Jaenson, J. K. Jensen, P. M. Jensen, M. Kazimirova, J. A. Oteo, A. Papa, K. Pfister, O. Plantard, S. E. Randolph, A. Rizzoli, M. M. Santos-Silva, H. Sprong, L. Vial, G. Hendrickx, H. Zeller and W. Van Bortel
2013Driving forces for changes in geographical distribution of Ixodes ricinus ticks in EuropeParasit Vectors6(1)Climate change;#77
S. A. McDonald, M. J. J. Mangen, A. Suijkerbuijk, E. Colzani and M. E. E. Kretzschmar
2013Effects of an ageing population and the replacement of immune birth cohorts on the burden of hepatitis A in the NetherlandsBMC Infect. Dis.13(1)Hepatitis A disease;#23
R. G. Pebody, A. Nicoll, U. Buchholz, M. Zambon and A. Mounts
2013Enhanced surveillance and investigation of coronavirus: What is required?East. Mediterr. Health J.19(SUPPL.1)Surveillance;#190
E. F. Duffell and M. Van De Laar
2013Enhanced surveillance of hepatitis B and C across European union countries 2006-2011Journal of Hepatology58Hepatitis B disease;#24
A. Würz, U. K. Nurm and K. Ekdahl
2013Enhancing the role of health communication in the prevention of infectious diseasesJ Health Commun18(12)
S. Rebaudet, B. Sudre, B. Faucher and R. Piarroux
2013Environmental determinants of cholera outbreaks in inland africa: A systematic review of main transmission foci and propagation routesJ. Infect. Dis.208(SUPPL. 1)
C. Munoz-Almagro, A. Navarro-Torne and R. Pallares
2013Epidemiologic and clinical implications of second-generation pneumococcal conjugate vaccinesCurr Infect Dis Rep15(2)Pneumococcal infection;#44
E. Galanakis, A. Jansen, P. L. Lopalco and J. Giesecke
2013Ethics of mandatory vaccination for healthcare workersEuro Surveill.18(45)
C. I. Thompson, A. Lackenby, R. S. Daniels, J. W. McCauley, D. Pereyaslov, E. K. Broberg, A. Meijer and M. C. Zambon
2013Evaluation of influenza virus antiviral susceptibility testing in Europe: Results from the first external quality assessment exerciseJ. Clin. Virol.56(3)Antivirals and Antiviral Resistance - Influenza;#4
S. Palmer, A. Jansen, K. Leitmeyer, H. Murdoch and F. Forland
2013Evidence-Based Medicine applied to the control of communicable disease incidents when evidence is scarce and the time is limitedEuro Surveill.18(25)evidence-based public health;#239
Sandgren A, Hollo V, van der Werf MJ.
2013Extrapulmonary tuberculosis in the European Union and European Economic Area, 2002 to 2011.Euro Surveill.18(12)Tuberculosis (TB);#60
D. Hillemann, S. Hoffner, D. Cirillo, F. Drobniewski, E. Richter and S. Rusch-Gerdes
2013First Evaluation after Implementation of a Quality Control System for the Second Line Drug Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Joint Efforts in Low and High Incidence CountriesPLoS ONE8(10)
M. J. Struelens and S. Brisse
2013From molecular to genomic epidemiology: Transforming surveillance and control of infectious diseasesEuro Surveill.18(4)molecular typing;#199
D. Coulombier and J. Takkinen
2013From national to international - Challenges in cross-border multi-country, multi-vehicle foodborne outbreak investigationsEuro Surveill.18(11)Health Education;#106
S. Earnshaw, A. Mendez, D. L. Monnet, L. Hicks, M. Cruickshank, L. Weekes, H. Njoo and S. Ross
2013Global collaboration to encourage prudent antibiotic useLancet Infect. Dis.13(12)
M. Unemo, C. A. Ison, M. Cole, G. Spiteri, M. van de Laar and L. Khotenashvili
2013Gonorrhoea and gonococcal antimicrobial resistance surveillance networks in the WHO European Region, including the independent countries of the former Soviet UnionSex Transm Infect89 Suppl 4
F. Pozo, B. Lina, H. R. D. Andrade, V. Enouf, A. Kossyvakis, E. Broberg, R. Daniels, A. Lackenby and A. Meijer
2013Guidance for clinical and public health laboratories testing for influenza virus antiviral drug susceptibility in EuropeJ. Clin. Virol.57(1)Antivirals and Antiviral Resistance - Influenza;#4
D. Alvarez-Del Arco, S. Monge, A. Azcoaga, I. Rio, V. Hernando, C. Gonzalez, B. Alejos, A. M. Caro, S. Perez-Cachafeiro, O. Ramirez-Rubio, F. Bolumar, T. Noori and J. Del Amo
2013HIV testing and counselling for migrant populations living in high-income countries: A systematic reviewEur J Public Health23(6)
D. Hedrich, E. Kalamara, O. Sfetcu, A. Pharris, A. Noor, L. Wiessing, V. Hope and M. Van de Laar
2013Human immunodeficiency virus among people who inject drugs: Is risk increasing in Europe?Euro Surveill.18(48)
S. J. M. Hahne, I. K. Veldhuijzen, L. Wiessing, T. A. Lim, M. Salminen and M. V. D. Laar
2013Infection with hepatitis B and C virus in Europe: A systematic review of prevalence and cost-effectiveness of screeningBMC Infect. Dis.13(1)
K. L. Laurie, P. Huston, S. Riley, J. M. Katz, D. J. Willison, J. S. Tam, A. W. Mounts, K. Hoschler, E. Miller, K. Vandemaele, E. Broberg, M. D. Van Kerkhove and A. Nicoll
2013Influenza serological studies to inform public health action: Best practices to optimise timing, quality and reportingInfluenza Other Respi Viruses7(2)Influenza;#27
T. Vega, J. E. Lozano, T. Meerhoff, R. Snacken, J. Mott, R. Ortiz de Lejarazu and B. Nunes
2013Influenza surveillance in Europe: Establishing epidemic thresholds by the Moving Epidemic MethodInfluenza Other Respi Viruses7(4)Influenza;#27
J. Jones, J. Lawrence, L. Payne Hallstrom, J. Mantero, H. Kirkbride, A. Walsh, D. Jermacane, H. Simons, K. M. Hansford, E. Bennett and M. Catchpole
2013International infectious disease surveillance during the London Olympic and paralympic games 2012: Process and outcomesEuro Surveill.18(32)
G. J. MacArthur, E. van Velzen, N. Palmateer, J. Kimber, A. Pharris, V. Hope, A. Taylor, K. Roy, E. Aspinall, D. Goldberg, T. Rhodes, D. Hedrich, M. Salminen, M. Hickman and S. J. Hutchinson
2013Interventions to prevent HIV and Hepatitis C in people who inject drugs: A review of reviews to assess evidence of effectivenessInt. J. Drug Policy
J. K. Horvath, M. Mengel, K. Krisztalovics, N. Nogrady, J. Paszti, A. Lenglet and J. Takkinen
2013Investigation into an unusual increase of human cases of Salmonella Goldcoast infection in Hungary in 2009Euro Surveill.18(11)Salmonellosis (non-typhi, non-paratyphi);#50
van der Werf MJ, Hollo V, Noori T.
2013Is tuberculosis crossing borders at the Eastern boundary of the European Union?Eur J Public Health23(6)Tuberculosis (TB);#60
Rosin P, Niskanen T, Palm D, Struelens M, Takkinen J; Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli Experts of the European Union Food- and Waterborne Diseases and Zoonoses Network.
2013Laboratory preparedness for detection and monitoring of Shiga toxin 2-producing Escherichia coli O104:H4 in Europe and response to the 2011 outbreak.Euro Surveill.18(25)Escherichia coli;#188
Beauté J, Zucs P, de Jong B; European Legionnaires' Disease Surveillance Network.
2013Legionnaires disease in Europe, 2009-2010.Euro Surveill.18(10)Legionnaires’ disease;#30
J. Beauté, E. Robesyn and B. D. Jong
2013Legionnaires' disease in Europe: All quiet on the eastern front?Eur. Respir. J.42(6)
M. J. Van Der Werf, F. Blasi, J. Giesecke and G. B. Migliori
2013Lessons learnt in europe on tuberculosis surveillance, outbreaks and BCG vaccination in 2011Eur. Respir. J.41(4)Tuberculosis (TB);#60
J. C. Semenza, B. Sudre, T. Oni, J. E. Suk and J. Giesecke
2013Linking Environmental Drivers to Infectious Diseases: The European Environment and Epidemiology NetworkPLoS Negl Trop Dis7(7)
E. Kissling, M. Valenciano, A. Larrauri, B. Oroszi, J. M. Cohen, B. Nunes, D. Pitigoi, C. Rizzo, J. Rebolledo, I. Paradowska-Stankiewicz, S. Jimenez-Jorge, J. K. Horvath, I. Daviaud, R. Guiomar, G. Necula, A. Bella, J. O'Donnell, M. Gluchowska, B. C. Ciancio, A. Nicoll and A. Moren
2013Low and decreasing vaccine effectiveness against influenza A(H3) in 2011/12 among vaccination target groups in Europe: Results from the I-MOVE multicentre case-control studyEuro Surveill.18(5)Vaccines and Immunisation;#63
Nicoll A, Sprenger M.
2013Low effectiveness undermines promotion of seasonal influenza vaccine.Lancet Infect. Dis.13(1)Vaccines and Immunisation;#63
Sudre B, Rossi M, Van Bortel W, Danis K, Baka A, Vakalis N, Semenza JC.
2013Mapping environmental suitability for malaria transmission, Greece.Emerging Infect. Dis.19(5)Malaria;#33
J. C. Semenza, I. Svederud, E. Medin, S. Orrskog and S. Tsolova
2013Mapping ongoing European research activities examining the infectious aetiology of chronic conditionsClin. Microbiol. Infect.19(9)
Lim TA, Marinova L, Kojouharova M, Tsolova S, Semenza JC.
2013Measles outbreak in Bulgaria: poor maternal educational attainment as a risk factor for medical complications.Eur J Public Health23(4)Measles;#36
L. D. Phillips, B. Fasolo, N. Zafiropoulous, H. G. Eichler, F. Ehmann, V. Jekerle, P. Kramarz, A. Nicoll and T. Lönngren
2013Modelling the risk-benefit impact of H1N1 influenza vaccinesEur J Public Health23(4)
S. A. Chisholm, M. Unemo, N. Quaye, E. Johansson, M. J. Cole, C. A. Ison and M. J. W. Van de Laar
2013Molecular epidemiological typing within the European Gonococcal Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Programme reveals predominance of a multidrugresistant cloneEuro Surveill.18(3)molecular typing;#199
H. Zeller, L. Marrama, B. Sudre, W. Van Bortel and E. Warns-Petit
2013Mosquito-borne disease surveillance by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlClin. Microbiol. Infect.19(8)Surveillance;#190
R. Diel, R. Loddenkemper, J. P. Zellweger, G. Sotgiu, L. D'Ambrosio, R. Centis, M. J. Van Der Werf, M. Dara, A. Detjen, P. Gondrie, L. Reichman, F. Blasi and G. B. Migliori
2013Old ideas to innovate tuberculosis control: Preventive treatment to achieve eliminationEur. Respir. J.42(3)
Schenk C, Plachouras D, Danielsson N, Nicoll A, Robesyn E, Coulombier D.
2013Outbreak with a novel avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in China - scenarios and triggers for assessing risks and planning responses in the European Union, May 2013.Euro Surveill.18(20)Influenza;#27
S. Paz, D. Malkinson, M. S. Green, G. Tsioni, A. Papa, K. Danis, A. Sirbu, C. Ceianu, K. Katalin, E. Ferenczi, H. Zeller and J. C. Semenza
2013Permissive Summer Temperatures of the 2010 European West Nile Fever UpsurgePLoS ONE8(2)West Nile fever;#67
P. Poletti, A. Melegaro, M. Ajelli, E. del Fava, G. Guzzetta, L. Faustini, G. Scalia Tomba, P. Lopalco, C. Rizzo, S. Merler and P. Manfredi
2013Perspectives on the Impact of Varicella Immunization on Herpes Zoster. A Model-Based Evaluation from Three European CountriesPLoS ONE8(4)Varicella infection;#91
L. P. Celentano, P. L. Lopalco, E. Huitric, D. Coulombier and J. Giesecke
2013Polio and the risk for the European UnionLancet
S. A. Ibrahim, S. F. Asakir, A. A. Idris, J. Martinez-Urtaza and H. E. Hag Elsafi
2013Prevalence of Salmonella species among asymptomatic food handlers in Khartoum State, SudanBr. J. Biomed. Sci.70(2)
D. L. Monnet and J. Giesecke
2013Public health need versus sales of antibacterial agents active against multidrug-resistant bacteria: a historical perspectiveJ. Antimicrob. Chemother.
E. Liebana, A. Carattoli, T. M. Coque, H. Hasman, A. P. Magiorakos, D. Mevius, L. Peixe, L. Poirel, G. Schuepbach-Regula, K. Torneke, J. Torren-Edo, C. Torres and J. Threlfall
2013Public health risks of enterobacterial isolates producing extended-spectrum (beta)-lactamases or AmpC (beta)-lactamases in food and food-producing animals: An EU perspective of epidemiology, analytical methods, risk factors, and control optionsClin. Infect. Dis.56(7)Health Communication;#104
F. Schaffner, J. M. Medlock and W. Van Bortel
2013Public health significance of invasive mosquitoes in EuropeClin. Microbiol. Infect.19(8)invasive mosquitoes in Europe;#221
B. Félix, T. Niskanen, N. Vingadassalon, T. T. Dao, A. Asséré, B. Lombard, A. Brisabois and S. Roussel
2013Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis proficiency testing trials: Toward european harmonization of the typing of food and clinical strains of listeria monocytogenesFoodborne Pathog. Dis.10(10)
M. Georgiev, A. Afonso, H. Neubauer, H. Needham, R. Thiery, A. Rodolakis, H. J. Roest, K. D. Stark, J. A. Stegeman, P. Vellema, W. van der Hoek and S. J. More
2013Q fever in humans and farm animals in four European countries, 1982 to 2010Euro Surveill.18(8)Q fever;#47
Martinez-Urtaza J., Baker-Austin C., Jones J.L., Newton A.E., Gonzalez-Aviles G.D., DePaola A.
2013Spread of Pacific Northwest Vibrio parahaemolyticus strainEuro Surveill.369(16):1573-74
F. Blasi, M. Dara, M. J. Van Der Werf and G. B. Migliori
2013Supporting TB clinicians managing difficult cases: the ERS/WHO consiliumEur. Respir. J.41(3)Tuberculosis (TB);#60
J. Janiec, K. Haar, G. Spiteri, G. Likatavicius, M. Van de Laar and A. J. Amato-Gauci
2013Surveillance of human immunodeficiency virus suggests that younger men who have sex with men are at higher risk of infection, European union, 2003 to 2012Euro Surveill.18(48)
P. M. Penttinen, K. Kaasik-Aaslav, A. Friaux, A. Donachie, B. Sudre, A. J. Amato-Gauci, Z. A. Memish and D. Coulombier
2013Taking stock of the first 133 mers coronavirus cases globally-is the epidemic changing?Euro Surveill.18(39)
M. E. A. de Kraker, V. Jarlier, J. C. M. Monen, O. E. Heuer, N. van de Sande and H. Grundmann
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M. D. Van Kerkhove, E. Broberg, O. G. Engelhardt, J. Wood and A. Nicoll
2013The consortium for the standardization of influenza seroepidemiology (CONSISE): A global partnership to standardize influenza seroepidemiology and develop influenza investigation protocols to inform public health policyInfluenza Other Respi Viruses7(3)Influenza;#27
G. Spiteri, M. Cole, M. Unemo, S. Hoffmann, C. Ison and M. van de Laar
2013The European Gonococcal Antimicrobial Surveillance Programme (Euro-GASP)--a sentinel approach in the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA)Sex Transm Infect89 Suppl 4
L. Wijnans, C. Lecomte, C. de Vries, D. Weibel, C. Sammon, A. Hviid, H. Svanstrom, D. Molgaard-Nielsen, H. Heijbel, L. A. Dahlstrom, J. Hallgren, P. Sparen, P. Jennum, M. Mosseveld, M. Schuemie, N. van der Maas, M. Partinen, S. Romio, F. Trotta, C. Santuccio, A. Menna, G. Plazzi, K. K. Moghadam, S. Ferro, G. J. Lammers, S. Overeem, K. Johansen, P. Kramarz, J. Bonhoeffer and M. C. J. M. Sturkenboom
2013The incidence of narcolepsy in Europe: Before, during, and after the influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 pandemic and vaccination campaignsVaccine31(8)Influenza;#27
Magiorakos AP, Suetens C, Monnet DL, Gagliotti C, Heuer OE; EARS-Net Coordination Group and EARS-Net participants.
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de Jong B, Payne Hallstrom L, Robesyn E, Ursut D, Zucs P; ELDSNet (European Legionnaires Disease Surveillance Network).
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R. Van Hest, C. Kodmon, S. Verver, C. G. M. Erkens, M. Straetemans, D. Manissero and G. De Vries
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D. J. Rogers, J. E. Suk and J. C. Semenza
2013Using global maps to predict the risk of dengue in EuropeActa Trop.129(1)
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collapse Year : 2008 ‎(36)
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collapse Year : 2007 ‎(19)
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collapse Year : 2006 ‎(24)
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collapse Year : 2005 ‎(5)
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